While this package does not require any configuration from the user, certain variables have been explicitly exposed and can be changed to alter different behaviors should one be inclined.


The following snippet shows the various variables that can be configured and their default values. Setting a new value directly on the package itself as shown below will alter the behavior for all methods in the package.

# Import the disruptive package.
import disruptive as dt

# Set to either 'debug', 'info', 'warning', 'error', or 'critical' to enable logging.
dt.log_level = 'info'

# Number of seconds to wait for a response before giving up.
dt.request_timeout = 3

# Number of times a request is attempted if an error is returned.
dt.request_attempts = 3

# Base API URL from which all endpoints are expanded.
dt.base_url = ''

# Same as the previous, but for the emulator API.
dt.emulator_base_url = ''


Each API method in the package can also be configured individually with the aforementioned variables. This will not update the package-wide behavior, only affecting the one call.

# Fetch all temperature sensors in a project.
devices = dt.Device.list_devices(
    # The following configurations are specific for this call.