Most of the functionality provided with this Python API requires authenticating with the REST API. Fortunately, provided you are in possession of valid credentials with sufficient access rights, this can be achieved in a single line of code.


The following authentication methods are currently available.


By setting disruptive.default_auth, all functionality in the package is authenticated at once.

import disruptive as dt

# Authenticate all resource methods in the package at once.
dt.default_auth = dt.Auth.<METHOD>('credentials...')

# Call any Resource Method.
device = dt.Device.get_device(device_id)


Each Resource Method can also be authenticated individually by directly providing an instance of the authentication method of coice.

Note that this will ignore the package-wide conifguration variable disruptive.default_auth.

# Provide the API Method with an authentication object directly.
device = dt.Device.get_device(device_id, auth=dt.Auth.<METHOD>('credentials...'))